Romance Contest Winners

During tonight’s Flash Sale, creative and witty Twisted fans responded to five finish-the-sentence prompts on Twisted Silver’s Facebook Page in hopes of winning a Romance bracelet.  Upwards of 300 truly entertaining comments were added that had the Twisted staff in side-splitting stitches!  If you weren’t in on it live, be sure to go check it out here!

Below are our 5 winners.  Well, 6 really, because the first one had a tie 🙂   Winners, please contact with your shipping address and we’ll send you a Romance bracelet right away.

CONTEST #1:  I’m so Twisted because my sweetie would definitely avoid the dog house if he bought me ….

There were some answers that provoked a “huh??” moment for us like “a barn” and “a bouquet of pens”.  There were flat out funny ones like “zombie movies and ice cream” and there were lots of exhausted moms dreaming of massages and nights out.  However, Holly (@VeryDefinitely on Twitter) pulled in all her fave Twisted pieces… with a hilarious ending.

 “If He bought me something with ‘Old World Style’, perhaps found by a ‘Lake’ or ‘Glacier’ to ‘Capture’ ‘Peace&Love;’ with a hint of ‘Glitz’ to add a little ‘Flare’! ‘XO’, Ms. ‘Contessa’ PS: If not, then he can put a ‘Cork’ in it”

AND TIED FOR THE WIN is Greg Bell, because he commented to win something for his sweetie, and how big of an “awwww!” factor is that?

CONTEST #2… The lamest Valentine’s gift a man could give a woman is …

Shower heads, slim fast shakes, vacuums, wood-grain toilet seats and used name-crossed-out greeting cards??  Oh my, this contest was hilariously painful!  It was a tough choice, but we have to admit that  Janet Ahmed beat them all by a mile when she got…

 “A proposal…..WHILE he was sitting on the toilet holding a FedEx box which had the engagement ring (he hadn’t even opened the FedEx box to see if the ring turned out ok)!! So he hands me the box…..still not getting off the toilet…..and proposes! And yes, I did marry him anyway. At least he wasn’t pooping when he asked!”

CONTEST #3… On Valentine’s Day, I will be wearing Twisted and…

Wow! Responses like … a smile, nothing else, lip gloss, smears of chocolate…  Oh yeah, Twisted ladies will be really enjoying their Valentine’s day this year!  The one that made us proud was our winner,  Patricia Dufek, who said:

“On Valentine’s Day, I will be wearing twisted and the little black dress that I can finally fit back into! After losing all the baby weight, There is nothing (I find) more rewarding than looking and FEELING sexy for my husband (even if he does tell me I look beautiful everyday).”

CONTEST #4….My top three sweetest picks from tonight’s sale would have to be…

We loved the flat out “it can’t be done” types of comments, and to be fair choosing only three is a bit cruel. Sorry!  Pat Battles wins for her cork obsession:

“Cork, cork and more cork – earrings, opera & bracelet….my family’s from CORK (Ireland) my daughter lives in a part of her city named CORKtown, and I’m about to un-CORK a bottle of wine!!”

CONTEST #5 … If my sweetie gets me Twisted this Valentine’s Day, he can totally expect…

Twisted ladies are ready to bargain, folks.  They’re willing to pick up dog poop, buy cheap pizza and beer, and offer their eternal love.  Maybe it’s because this contest went live in the final hour, but Arany Uthayakumar’s  response had us giggling hysterically.  I mean, I’m still laughing just typing it.  I’m totally picturing a big ole Subway sandwich going, “Oh, you do look MARVELOUS today, did you do something different with your hair?”  Here’s what she commented:

“[he can expect] a complimentary sandwich. it will tell him flattering things while he eats it… ahaha :)”

Thank ALL OF YOU for sharing your sense of fun with us!  What a cool Twisted community we have!


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