Swinging 70’s Spring and Summer Platforms

Designers are swinging in with those 70’s style platforms again for spring and summer 2012.

Miss Trish, Charles David, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors. Photos by Thomas Iannaccone

What We Love

Whether it’s a pop of color like Kenneth Cole’s purple and red, Miss Trish’s earthy green and brown leather, or Charles David and Michael Kors’s neutrals, platform sandals take serious notice.

Why We Love It

Wear ’em with jeans, maxi-dress, leggings with shorts — anything!  Platform sandals are as wearable as boots were in the colder months.  And with so much more statement-making pizzazz!

How To Twist It

Keep the 70’s vibe groovin’ with Twisted Silver’s Cork earrings or Plait bracelet.  For more 70’s style inspiration, see our Pinterest “New 70’s” pinboard



One thought on “Swinging 70’s Spring and Summer Platforms

  1. Can you picture a Red Hat Lady in those red and purple shoes? That is the first thing that came to my mind and I gotta see this LOL.

    BTW I love the platforms and would love that red and purple in different colors.

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