Have a Twisted Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, and what a great time to take a tour through just a few of our favorite eco-chic and earth-friendly designs:

Totally in EcoLuv

Talk about starting the most stylish green conversation! Wear the EcoLuv necklace, an eclectic collection of eco-chic trinkets: recycled and tumbled traffic light fragments, a beautiful birch bark disk, California Beach stone and a sparkling glass bubble of sand.

Reclaiming Time

Reclaimed watch faces, artfully pounded are the magic behind the Time necklace and Time earrings. No two are alike.


From the Rag Bag

Vintage recycled bias tape — dyed to the latest color perfection and woven through brass chain — make the Rag bracelets among the hottest bracelets in the line.  (watch for three new colors arriving next week!)

A Pair of Pansies

Glass pearls circa 1950’s Japan –  rescued and preserved in their perfectly imperfect deterioration – and other ignored findings make the Pansy earrings simply beautiful.

Of course this list could go on and on.  Most of the Twisted Silver line is made with reclaimed, recycled and re-used parts.  Green is the new… everything!  Get more earth-friendly inspirations on our Eco-Chic Pinterest pinboard.   Have a Twisted Earth Day 🙂


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