Twisting the Pretty Pastel Trend

Now that summer’s finally here, pretty pastels are everywhere:

photo by Courtesy Photo

photo by Robert Mitra

Kara Ross
photo by Courtesy Photo

What We Love

Pastels are the epitome of femininity, at whatever degree.

Why We Love It

Pastels are like the unmistakable ladylike control switch.  For just a touch, pair a soft toned clutch with your denim.  For full volume, smooth your whole outfit in the palette of prettiness.

How to Twist It

To enhance the feminine look, pair your pastels with Twisted’s Love Knot earrings.  To contrast  and edge it out a touch, grab the Attitude bracelet.

Twisted Silver’s                      Love Knot earrings

Twisted Silver’s Attitude bracelet


Mum Bracelet Commands the Room

Mum bracelet just arrived… and everyone stopped and stared!  It’s one serious attention-grabbing art piece.  Hammered brass coils your wrist with bold coppery flowers that command the room without saying a word.



The New Organically Unique Birch Bracelet

Introducing the new Birch bracelet:  made from natural California birch, the prettiest tree in the world, the Birch bracelet is organically unique.  No two are exactly alike.  Worn “showcase style” on top of the wrist, or try connecting Birch bracelet to another chain for the coolest necklace.


XO Convertible: Show-stopping Statement

 XO convertible is THE show-stopping statement piece for attention-grabbing boldness.  Wear it as a belt, or as an unstoppable necklace.

Added vintage bonus: the “XO” design parts were originally used as belt buckles and other costume adornments for MICHAEL JACKSON circa 1970′s and 1980′s.



Go for the earthy feel of the ’60’s updated for today’s organic sophisticate:  Go WOODSTOCK.  The beautiful hand-carved wooden heart on the Woodstock necklace and the long antiqued brass chain are so deceptively light.  Wear three ways: long and lean, double or triple wrapped to mix up the look.

Woodstock is now available at the Twisted online store.


Lake Necklace is the Coolest

The coolest necklace for the hottest season is the LAKE necklace.  Like a little souvenir from a glacier, the tumbled blue glass is icy cool.  Wear the antiqued brass chain with a suede loop lariat style.

Stats: the necklace is 30 inches long, and the tumbled glass is around 1 inch … but due to the organic nature, the size and shape slightly varies.  No two are identical.


A New Attitude for Every Look

Why settle for just one attitude? Put on a New Attitude daily to enhance every look in your wardrobe.  One necklace that can pull multiple duties is just good fashionomics.


Caspian Necklace Arrives

CASPIAN necklace just arrived.  The vintage Afghani coin with shimmery stones, shells and beads tumbled on a copper chain captures the feel of a marketplace stroll near the Caspian sea.  Do you have to wear it while barefoot? No. But we recommend it 🙂



Monocle Necklace Sees You Through

Got an eye for convertibility?  The Monocle necklace — featuring an authentic 50’s era vintage optometry testing lens — sees you through casual to business to evening in a blink.