Twisted Silver Giving Back and Wowing Celebs at Emmy Style Lounge

Primetime Emmy nominee, Mare Winningham, in Twisted Silver’s MUM earrings

Emmy Nominees Mare Winningham, Dot Jones, Jason Ritter, Ben Feldman along with Carolyn Hennessy, Lisa Raye McCoy, Victoria Rowell, Jamar Rogers, RJ Mitte and more were wowed by Twisted Silver – the California based jewelry line by designer Debra Mitchell – at Doris Bergman’s Primetime Emmy Style Lounge Wednesday in a coordinated effort to help foster children. 

Hollywood, CA — 9/19/12

Twisted Silver – the California based trend-setting jewelry line by Debra Mitchell — once again wowed celebrities at Doris Bergman’s Primetime Emmy Style Lounge last Wednesday at the beautiful Tuscan country villa Café La Boheme in Hollywood.  The event benefited Wednesday’s Child’ a charity that helps foster kids find homes.

Primetime Emmy Nominees Mare Winningham, Dot Jones, Jason Ritter, Ben Feldman along with Carolyn Hennessy, Lisa Raye McCoy, Victoria Rowell, Jamar Rogers, RJ Mitte celebrated the upcoming awards and enjoyed the styling attention of designer Debra Mitchell at this highly anticipated invitation-only event.

Celebrities clustered around Mitchell at the Twisted Silver table, eager to glimpse, touch and feel the latest addictive and delightfully unconventional mixed raw metal designs.

Mare Winningham, Emmy nominee for her role as Kevin Costner’s costarin History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys, fell mad for the Mum earrings and said,

“Right now, I’m feeling stunned! You know when you find that PERFECT pair of jeans and you never want to take them off? Twisted Silver’s a bit like that!” 

Dot Jones, Emmy nominee for her role as Coach Beiste on FOX’s Glee, spent time chatting with Mitchell.  She said of all Twisted Silver’s jewelry, “I really DIG this!”

Carolyn Hennesy, vampire Rosalyn Harris on HBO’s True Blood, was wearing Twisted Silver’s HorseBit Belt, made a bee line for the Twisted table, gushing, “Oh, I am in HEAVEN!”

Lisa Raye McCoy (who arrived wearing Twisted Silver’s Gypsy earrings) and Victoria Rowell from VH1’s Single Ladies, were obsessed with the jewelry and expressed that they “love and want it all”

Even the guys found themselves pulled in by the magnetic effect of Twisted Silver, when Mitchell previewed a “guys” ID bracelet to be launched to the public soon.

Jamar Rogers, semi-finalist on the Emmy Nominated season of The Voice, Ben Feldman, Emmy nominee for his role on AMC’s Mad Men, Jason Ritter, Emmy nominee for his role on NBC’s Parenthood, and RJ Mitte from Emmy nominated hit series Breaking Bad all left wearing their Twisted bracelets.

The jewel in the midst of all the Emmy celebrations was the solid undercurrent of giving back to this year’s charitable focus, ‘Wednesday’s Child’, a weekly segment airing on KTTV FOX 11 News, Los Angeles, that features a child in foster care who is available for adoption. Guests donated gifts for the children for a pre-holiday gift drive.  Twisted Silver donated over 200 pieces of jewelry for the girls in foster care. Debra Mitchell, a mother of three, has a tender spot in her heart for foster kids, especially older teens.  She says:

“As much fun as these events are, it is only made better by supporting a heart filled cause like Wednesdays Child.  Who’s looking out for them, preparing them for life ahead, just loving them?  It is as easy as contacting your county foster program.  With such severe cutbacks in these programs, there are so many ways we can help.  My hope is that by calling attention to this cause and donating, others might be encourage to do so as well. ” 

Debra Mitchell’s jewelry line, Twisted Silver, captures attention with mixed raw metals in perfectly imperfect and unconventionally cool designs.  Capturing a strong vintage vibe updated for spot-on trends, Twisted Silver uses reclaimed and discovered finds, upcycled for forward fashion.

Twisted Silver’s online store is at and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

VH1 Single Ladies Lisa Raye McCoy in Twisted Silver’s Wilma bracelet and Gypsy earrings.

HBO True Blood Carolyn Hennesy “in heaven” with Twisted Silver