Spring Surprise: FIFTEEN New Designs!

What a crazy wacky spring – snow storms in mid April in many parts of the country? Well, here’s a Spring Surprise to get your heart pumping happy joy:  FIFTEEN new Twisted designs are now available!  Yep, we can hear ya cheering, and we’re cheering along with you.  Shall we take a look?

Egypt Cuff

Egypt Cuff: inspired by the banks of the Nile (and named by Twisted fan Lisa O’Connor), Egypt brings ancient desert regality.

Wonderland Bracelet

Wonderland bracelet: a deliciously sweet brassy wonderland scene worn showcase style on top the wrist.

Butterfly Keychain

Butterfly Keychain: What? Twisted Silver has a keychain? Yes indeed… and a vintage antiqued silver butterfly is it.

Ice Necklace

Ice necklace: asymmetrical coolness just got frostier.

Intaglio necklace

Intaglio necklace: vintage ladylikeness with a curious antiqued brass edge.

Big Glam earrings

Big Glam earrings: Seriously. Go big or go home. These yummies are big on statement but light on the ears.

Bow earrings

Bow earrings: delightfully sweet silver rope bows for the charming ones of all ages.

Soleil Earrings

Soleil earrings: Cirque du Soleil inspired 5 inch shoulder-dusting beauties.

Skosh bracelet

Skosh bracelet: just a wee skosh of a crystal on a silver bangle. Wear it crystal side up, or tag side up depending on your mood.

Spring Earrings

Spring earrings: mesmerizing silver swirls in silver subtlety.

Tassel necklace

Tassel necklace: vintage inspired antiqued silver tassel. Ahhhh, long and swingy!

Tag Earrings

Tag earrings: wear the icon of the Twisted fan, named and tagged!

DreamCatcher Bracelet

DreamCatcher bracelet: catch dreams… and attention … with a brassy statement worn showcase style on top the wrist.

New Funky Bracelet

New Funky bracelet: a new upgrade on a classic Twisted design, destined to keep you in funkiness.

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings: delicate vintage movement keeps ears interesting, brassy Twisted style.


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