Announcing Twisted Exclusives eBay Store

You love Twisted.  But you know you love having a one-of-a-kind super rare design by Twisted’s designer Debra Mitchell even more.  Admit it.  A unique piece to add to your collection that no one else owns.  Announcing the new Twisted Silver Exclusives eBay store where you can get exactly that: envy-worthy jewelry personally designed as if you were the only fan.

Here are the current items listed (Auction closes July 17, so hurry!)

Twisted Silver's Phatty bracelet in rosy brass

Twisted Silver’s best-selling Phatty bracelet in a unique one-of-a-kind stunning rosy brass finish. 


Twisted Silver's beaded Rocker

Exclusive multi-colored vintage beads and hand-hammered antique spoon… and only one in existence.

Twisted Silver's Copper Lithe earrings

Feather-light copper with pearl and turquoise inspired by Debra Mitchell’s road trip through the southwest. These are the only pair in the universe.


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