Announcing Twisted Exclusives eBay Store

You love Twisted.  But you know you love having a one-of-a-kind super rare design by Twisted’s designer Debra Mitchell even more.  Admit it.  A unique piece to add to your collection that no one else owns.  Announcing the new Twisted Silver Exclusives eBay store where you can get exactly that: envy-worthy jewelry personally designed as if you were the only fan.

Here are the current items listed (Auction closes July 17, so hurry!)

Twisted Silver's Phatty bracelet in rosy brass

Twisted Silver’s best-selling Phatty bracelet in a unique one-of-a-kind stunning rosy brass finish. 


Twisted Silver's beaded Rocker

Exclusive multi-colored vintage beads and hand-hammered antique spoon… and only one in existence.

Twisted Silver's Copper Lithe earrings

Feather-light copper with pearl and turquoise inspired by Debra Mitchell’s road trip through the southwest. These are the only pair in the universe.


Anchors Away!

Look what just sailed in: the Anchors Away necklace and earrings.  A feather-light collection of vacation dreamin’ trinkets on antiqued brass for the sweeter side of the nautical trend.  Are you ready for adventure?

Anchors Away earrings

Anchors Away earrings

Anchors Away necklace

Anchors Away necklace

Spring Surprise: FIFTEEN New Designs!

What a crazy wacky spring – snow storms in mid April in many parts of the country? Well, here’s a Spring Surprise to get your heart pumping happy joy:  FIFTEEN new Twisted designs are now available!  Yep, we can hear ya cheering, and we’re cheering along with you.  Shall we take a look?

Egypt Cuff

Egypt Cuff: inspired by the banks of the Nile (and named by Twisted fan Lisa O’Connor), Egypt brings ancient desert regality.

Wonderland Bracelet

Wonderland bracelet: a deliciously sweet brassy wonderland scene worn showcase style on top the wrist.

Butterfly Keychain

Butterfly Keychain: What? Twisted Silver has a keychain? Yes indeed… and a vintage antiqued silver butterfly is it.

Ice Necklace

Ice necklace: asymmetrical coolness just got frostier.

Intaglio necklace

Intaglio necklace: vintage ladylikeness with a curious antiqued brass edge.

Big Glam earrings

Big Glam earrings: Seriously. Go big or go home. These yummies are big on statement but light on the ears.

Bow earrings

Bow earrings: delightfully sweet silver rope bows for the charming ones of all ages.

Soleil Earrings

Soleil earrings: Cirque du Soleil inspired 5 inch shoulder-dusting beauties.

Skosh bracelet

Skosh bracelet: just a wee skosh of a crystal on a silver bangle. Wear it crystal side up, or tag side up depending on your mood.

Spring Earrings

Spring earrings: mesmerizing silver swirls in silver subtlety.

Tassel necklace

Tassel necklace: vintage inspired antiqued silver tassel. Ahhhh, long and swingy!

Tag Earrings

Tag earrings: wear the icon of the Twisted fan, named and tagged!

DreamCatcher Bracelet

DreamCatcher bracelet: catch dreams… and attention … with a brassy statement worn showcase style on top the wrist.

New Funky Bracelet

New Funky bracelet: a new upgrade on a classic Twisted design, destined to keep you in funkiness.

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings: delicate vintage movement keeps ears interesting, brassy Twisted style.

Neck Layer Friday: Divas

Today’s Neck Layer Friday feature is one of those obvious combos that we never think to pair together.  When we do, we kinda go, “Oh! Of course!”  Friends, it’s the Diva necklace layered with the Diva choker.  The trick is to keep the brass flowers on each necklace on opposite sides of each other, and voilà!

Get the look this week, because Diva choker is specially priced through November 1st

Neck Layer Friday: LockIt and Time

Today’s Neck Layer Friday focus brings you an unexpected twist: LockIt necklace worn “scarf style” paired with the Time necklace.  Most of the time, we like to layer necklaces of the same chain weight — delicates with delicates, heavies with heavies — BUT this is a case of some necessary rule-breaking.  The vintage inspired skeleton key and the vintage watch faces just create the most interesting story, don’t you think?

To help you get the look, LockIt necklace is the Hot Deal of the Week now through October 25.

Fall Trend: Ornate Baroque

Opulence is the theme for this season for sure.  The Fall runways were trimmed with ornate embroideries and metallics, rich colors and bold patterns.

What We Love

The metal threading through this trend screams for embellished brass jewelry.  Not to mention, who doesn’t love getting a little lavish?

Who We Love

Marchesa in regal gold

Aquilano Rimondi in lush plum

How Twisted Silver Does It

The Epic bracelet arrives Wednesday, October 17 to  to rock the baroque world.

EPIC bracelet arrives 10/17 to

Epic bracelet is for the Baroque trend and beyond