Twisted Silver Giving Back and Wowing Celebs at Emmy Style Lounge

Primetime Emmy nominee, Mare Winningham, in Twisted Silver’s MUM earrings

Emmy Nominees Mare Winningham, Dot Jones, Jason Ritter, Ben Feldman along with Carolyn Hennessy, Lisa Raye McCoy, Victoria Rowell, Jamar Rogers, RJ Mitte and more were wowed by Twisted Silver – the California based jewelry line by designer Debra Mitchell – at Doris Bergman’s Primetime Emmy Style Lounge Wednesday in a coordinated effort to help foster children. 

Hollywood, CA — 9/19/12

Twisted Silver – the California based trend-setting jewelry line by Debra Mitchell — once again wowed celebrities at Doris Bergman’s Primetime Emmy Style Lounge last Wednesday at the beautiful Tuscan country villa Café La Boheme in Hollywood.  The event benefited Wednesday’s Child’ a charity that helps foster kids find homes.

Primetime Emmy Nominees Mare Winningham, Dot Jones, Jason Ritter, Ben Feldman along with Carolyn Hennessy, Lisa Raye McCoy, Victoria Rowell, Jamar Rogers, RJ Mitte celebrated the upcoming awards and enjoyed the styling attention of designer Debra Mitchell at this highly anticipated invitation-only event.

Celebrities clustered around Mitchell at the Twisted Silver table, eager to glimpse, touch and feel the latest addictive and delightfully unconventional mixed raw metal designs.

Mare Winningham, Emmy nominee for her role as Kevin Costner’s costarin History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys, fell mad for the Mum earrings and said,

“Right now, I’m feeling stunned! You know when you find that PERFECT pair of jeans and you never want to take them off? Twisted Silver’s a bit like that!” 

Dot Jones, Emmy nominee for her role as Coach Beiste on FOX’s Glee, spent time chatting with Mitchell.  She said of all Twisted Silver’s jewelry, “I really DIG this!”

Carolyn Hennesy, vampire Rosalyn Harris on HBO’s True Blood, was wearing Twisted Silver’s HorseBit Belt, made a bee line for the Twisted table, gushing, “Oh, I am in HEAVEN!”

Lisa Raye McCoy (who arrived wearing Twisted Silver’s Gypsy earrings) and Victoria Rowell from VH1’s Single Ladies, were obsessed with the jewelry and expressed that they “love and want it all”

Even the guys found themselves pulled in by the magnetic effect of Twisted Silver, when Mitchell previewed a “guys” ID bracelet to be launched to the public soon.

Jamar Rogers, semi-finalist on the Emmy Nominated season of The Voice, Ben Feldman, Emmy nominee for his role on AMC’s Mad Men, Jason Ritter, Emmy nominee for his role on NBC’s Parenthood, and RJ Mitte from Emmy nominated hit series Breaking Bad all left wearing their Twisted bracelets.

The jewel in the midst of all the Emmy celebrations was the solid undercurrent of giving back to this year’s charitable focus, ‘Wednesday’s Child’, a weekly segment airing on KTTV FOX 11 News, Los Angeles, that features a child in foster care who is available for adoption. Guests donated gifts for the children for a pre-holiday gift drive.  Twisted Silver donated over 200 pieces of jewelry for the girls in foster care. Debra Mitchell, a mother of three, has a tender spot in her heart for foster kids, especially older teens.  She says:

“As much fun as these events are, it is only made better by supporting a heart filled cause like Wednesdays Child.  Who’s looking out for them, preparing them for life ahead, just loving them?  It is as easy as contacting your county foster program.  With such severe cutbacks in these programs, there are so many ways we can help.  My hope is that by calling attention to this cause and donating, others might be encourage to do so as well. ” 

Debra Mitchell’s jewelry line, Twisted Silver, captures attention with mixed raw metals in perfectly imperfect and unconventionally cool designs.  Capturing a strong vintage vibe updated for spot-on trends, Twisted Silver uses reclaimed and discovered finds, upcycled for forward fashion.

Twisted Silver’s online store is at and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

VH1 Single Ladies Lisa Raye McCoy in Twisted Silver’s Wilma bracelet and Gypsy earrings.

HBO True Blood Carolyn Hennesy “in heaven” with Twisted Silver


Spirit and Cosmos

Spirit and Cosmos earrings just arrived to enhance your un-tucked weekend all the way to your buttoned-up office day.

Inspired by southwestern dream catchers, Spirit earrings give subtle sparkle with tumbled stone and vintage glass beads.  Cosmos earrings offer a celestial Baroque brass flavor with vintage pearls inspired by planets and moons.  Both dreamy pairs are perfect additions to your every-season every-day rotation.

Watch how they look on the lovely ears of Katie and Kim…

PERCH in Top Thirty at Atlanta Gift Market

1/17/12 — Atlanta, GA

PERCH, a jewelry collection designed by Debra Mitchell for Transpac Imports Inc, was named as one of the thirty picks at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market® by The Gifting Experts.

Founder and designer of Twisted Silver, Debra Mitchell, is enjoying her collaboration with Transpac Imports.  She says:

Creating PERCH allows me a rare opportunity to share my design philosophy in a different way, and to assist in discovering some lovely pieces to be included in this distinctive jewelry line.

PERCH, with its hand-crafted and distinct appeal, was spotlighted in a special presentation by The Gifting Experts, a leading celebrity and VIP gift bag provider.  The jewelry collection proved to be an extremely popular stop for buyers at the market.  “It was a very exciting show, and it was a joy to see the PERCH collection so well-received,” Debra said.

The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market® is a premier event connecting buyers and exhibitors to exclusive product lines from around the globe.  Transpac Imports is one of the gift industry’s foremost suppliers of seasonal, gift and decorative accessory products.  Buyers seeking more information about PERCH can find a Transpac Imports rep here.

Debra Mitchell Featured Artist at The Gallery at the Station in Ogden, UT

Debra Mitchell, Ogden Utah native and owner/designer of Twisted Silver, will be a featured artist at The Gallery at the Station in Ogden throughout the month of November.  Over 70 one-of-a-kind designs in her collection will be on display and for sale, including many of her eco-friendly creations.  Mitchell will be at the artist’s reception on November 4th from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Twisted Silver jewelry designs by Debra Mitchell are fashion forward uber hip creations in base metal, often asymmetrical, tag-and-clasp-in-front and one-of-a-kind.  Stacy London’s (TLC’s What Not to Wear) own firm, Style for Hire, and national wardrobe consulting company Urban Darling  both choses Twisted Silver as accessory staples.  Celebrities like Sheryl Crow, Maria Shriver, The Bachelor’s Ali Fedotowsky, Cougar Town’s Carolyn Hennesy and Bachelor Pad — and Salt Lake City’s own  — Michelle Money to name a few, are crazy for Twisted’s personality amplifying designs.

Ever “Eco Chic” most pieces are made from cast-off and forgotten materials and made vintage parts, then up-cycled for stunningly beautiful forward fashion.  Utilitarian parts turned gorgeous means green never looked so good.  All Twisted Silver pieces are handmade, carefully assembled in the U.S.A.  Finished designs are never mass-produced anywhere.

Noteworthy pieces to look for at the Gallery in November include the Butterfly cuff, made from a vintage art deco mold and hand-torched for distinctive beauty.  The Time earrings are recycled watch faces, artfully pounded into perfect imperfection and intentionally mis-matched.  Many never-before-seen exclusive designs will be on display and for purchase.

Tens of thousands of Twisted fans are buzzing about the addictive jewelry line on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Twisted Silver’s line of jewelry can be found in fashion-forward boutiques across the country and online at

Announcing Perch, a New Jewelry Line by Debra Mitchell

Dear Twisted Fans,

You may have heard rumors of an additional line of jewelry designed by me.  Yes, the rumors are true, and I am very proud to announce that the brand new line of nature-inspired jewelry — called Perch —  developed in collaboration between Twisted Silver and Transpac Imports is finally here.

Early in the year I was flattered when approached by Transpac Imports, a gift  company, asking me to design a line for them.   But as you might know, I am very protective of my Twisted Silver brand, which meant I approached it carefully.  However, collaborating with the dynamic team at Transpac has put me at ease, and the Perch line has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to share my design philosophy in a whole new way.  The result was a forum for creating and discovering artistic pieces for this unique line for a whole new market –  the gift and garden market.

The Perch line is Twisted Silver inspired, evident in the earthy feel of each design, although  Perch has its own distinct vibe as well as a distinct Perch price.  Perch jewelry can be found at select Hallmark stores, and other gift and garden shops across the country.

Meanwhile, my beloved Twisted Silver continues to grow and thrive.  I’m thrilled that recent new releases such as the Rag bracelets, Starburst necklace, and the Classic earrings have been met with an enthusiastic reception.  And there’s more to come! I’m excited to share with you several new pieces launching every month to our online store.  Our fan base on Facebook continues to increase daily, and we’re receiving tens of thousands of views monthly.   Twisted Silver is a growing presence on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. The jewelry continues to receive rave reviews among the celebrity set, fashion mavens and stylists such as Urban Darling, Closet of Style, Bay Area Fashionista to name a few.

This is an exciting time for me to be a designer for both Twisted Silver and Perch.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your constant support and encouragement.  I am living a dream and I truly have all of you to thank for it.


Debra Mitchell


Classic Re-Defined

The new Classic earrings arrived to a chorus of gasps from Twisted fans.  Featuring antiqued brass mini-hoops joined with “swiped-from-the-workbench” reclaimed copper links, they are definitive style definers for fall and beyond.

Says Twisted Silver designer, Debra Mitchell:

They’ve got edge in a steampunky rocker kind of way.  They have a simple architectural artsy feel.  They’re simple, sleek and simply go with everything in every season. There one of those designs that re-define “classic”.

Weighing it at next-to-nothing (.01 oz), their 2 inch drop length gives just enough swing.  Scoop up your pair for fall and enjoy the Classic earrings well into seasons to come.

Available now at the Twisted online store for $40

Meet Designers Jazmin Whitley and Deb Mitchell

Ever want to meet the creative mind behind your favorite on-trend clothing and accessories?  SF Bay area fans, mark your calendars for January 22, because you’re in for a treat.

Fashion designer, Jazmin Whitley (MTV’s House of Jazmin) will be at Orghipchick in Livermore on Saturday, January 22 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm for a meet-and-greet and a sample sale of her Li Cari clothing line.  Jazmin launched her first clothing line at the age of 17, making her the youngest designer to do so.  A year later, she was the youngest designer to show at NY Fashion Week.  Numerous stars wear her designs, including Paris Hilton, and she’s been featured in practically every fashion magazine.  She continues to wow the fashion industry each year.

Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell, will be joining Jazmin at the sample sale too.  Meet the artist responsible for your Twisted Silver addiction and get a chance to touch, feel and try on your most coveted Twisted pieces.


2074 First Street
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 294-9100


January 22 from  2:00 — 6:00 pm


Interview with Deb on Authentic Creativity

Twisted Silver's designer, Deb Mitchell, mentors authentic creativity in high school girls.

There’s that old saying that imitation is the best form of flattery.  With the fashion world and Hollywood a-buzz with all things Twisted Silver, the inevitable copycats have popped up with their alleged new jewelry that looks strikingly similar in design to Twisted.  Is designer Deb flattered?  Over mugs of hot chocolate in her Bay Area home, we chatted and got her take on authentic creativity.

TT:   I understand that you’ve experienced people copycatting your designs.  This is a hot topic for you, isn’t it?

DM: It absolutely is.  Some people don’t even realize they’re doing it.  They are crafty and they have some skill to put things together, but they haven’t unlocked their inner artist.  They just buy a kit or follow someone else’s pattern or formula.  What happens is that the path they follow isn’t their own, like plagiarism.  It’s happened often with Twisted Silver, and it’s the job of a designer to protect her brand.  Even the name “Twisted Silver” has been the subject of multiple copycats.

TT:  That doesn’t sound flattering.

DM: No, it’s not.  It’s like saying, “I like what you’ve done here, so I’m going to do the same thing and say it was my idea.”  What I really want is to inspire women. Inspiration is about catching a glimpse of a small aspect and then running with it.  It’s seeing a pine cone, or an old dented belt buckle, or a grape vine twining around a post, and then seeing that object as something totally new.  It takes you down your own path of authentic creativity.

TT: How do you hope to encourage authentic creativity in women?

DM:  Firstly, I want women to find their confidence and know that creativity isn’t limited.  Style is ultimately about communication.  It’s about saying to the world, “this is who I am!” I want them to not be afraid of who they are.  I want them to look at Twisted Silver and know that they have a quality piece, carefully handmade, that will go the distance for them in pulling off multiple looks.  But walking into a store and buying every last piece on a mannequin in a display window will never inspire that kind of confidence.  It’s a dream of mine that women can unlock their own creativity and find their own personal style.

TT:  Especially when that mannequin is 5’8″ and a size 2 and most of us are not!

DM: Exactly!

TT:  Inspiring authentic creativity in women isn’t just a dream.  You’re actively pursuing it with high school girls.  Tell a little about that.

DM:  Oh, the Twisted Fashion Envoy Program.  It’s an after-school program I have developed.  Eight high school girls have been selected to have monthly workshops with me.  We get together, talk a bit about fashion, what trends to notice and how to make styles their own and then the work on a design challenge.   They’re learning a bit about the fashion industry, but more about how to incorporate what they learn into their own lives.

TT: Like a behind-the-scenes hands-on experience?

DM: Yep. It’s a chance to educate and mentor these girls about being authentic, and they are so great!  They are getting it that it’s not about spending thousands of dollars on a wardrobe.  It’s about making what’s in your closet — or your friend’s closet! — work.   It’s about carefully selecting pieces that will last forever and finding ways to update them for today’s style.

TT: These girls won’t be knock-offers, will they?

DM: [laughing] Not a chance.

TT:  What’s your advice to the Twisted fans reading this?

DM:  Keep reading the blog, especially the key trends we’re following, but let it be your inspiration.  You’ll also know your getting the real deal by the Twisted coin tag on your jewelry.  Take a look at what’s trending, and then go through your jewelry box and your closet and play around.  Make it your own.

For more information about the Twisted Fashion Envoy program, click here.




Deb Chats with CSI Miami’s Eva La Rue

CSI Miami’s Eva La Rue chats with jewelery designer Debra Mitchell, founder of Twisted Silver at the ENDLESS SUMMER PRIMETIME EMMY® SUITE produced by Doris Bergman and Kathy Duliakas. Debra tells Eva and her sister Nika how she started recycling metals so every one of her pieces is unique and has a history.

The necklace she just can’t put down is the TRE NECKLACE