New Arrival: Key Necklace

Key necklace just arrived: Authentic brass vintage skeleton key (do you wonder what it used to open?) on a scrumptious chain with delicate feminine details. Wear it long, or double-wrap it. No two keys are alike!

Twisted Silver's Key Necklace



New Arrival: Eureka Earrings

Eureka earrings have arrived! The triangular mesh design captured three aurora borealis crystals. The perfect delicate boutique piece. You found it!

Element: brass
Drop length: 1 1/2 inches
Design size: 2 1/2 inches
Weight: less than 1 oz


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Twisted Silver's Eureka earrings



Anchors Away!

Look what just sailed in: the Anchors Away necklace and earrings.  A feather-light collection of vacation dreamin’ trinkets on antiqued brass for the sweeter side of the nautical trend.  Are you ready for adventure?

Anchors Away earrings

Anchors Away earrings

Anchors Away necklace

Anchors Away necklace


New Arrival: Tweet Necklace

The new Tweet necklace has just arrived! Vintage charm holder with sweet trinkets flavored with the southwest.


Tweet necklace


New Arrival: Princess Rocker Necklace

Twisted Silver’s earliest designs incorporated vintage silverware. The Princess Rocker Necklace is the 2013 updated homage to the charter design, with dazzling petite beads and a truly one-of-a-kind antique spoon handle. Feminine enough for your princess side, edgy enough for your rocker side.

Style Tip: Double-wrap it for a bracelet!

Princess Rocker necklace

Princess Rocker Necklace-1


Spring Surprise: FIFTEEN New Designs!

What a crazy wacky spring – snow storms in mid April in many parts of the country? Well, here’s a Spring Surprise to get your heart pumping happy joy:  FIFTEEN new Twisted designs are now available!  Yep, we can hear ya cheering, and we’re cheering along with you.  Shall we take a look?

Egypt Cuff

Egypt Cuff: inspired by the banks of the Nile (and named by Twisted fan Lisa O’Connor), Egypt brings ancient desert regality.

Wonderland Bracelet

Wonderland bracelet: a deliciously sweet brassy wonderland scene worn showcase style on top the wrist.

Butterfly Keychain

Butterfly Keychain: What? Twisted Silver has a keychain? Yes indeed… and a vintage antiqued silver butterfly is it.

Ice Necklace

Ice necklace: asymmetrical coolness just got frostier.

Intaglio necklace

Intaglio necklace: vintage ladylikeness with a curious antiqued brass edge.

Big Glam earrings

Big Glam earrings: Seriously. Go big or go home. These yummies are big on statement but light on the ears.

Bow earrings

Bow earrings: delightfully sweet silver rope bows for the charming ones of all ages.

Soleil Earrings

Soleil earrings: Cirque du Soleil inspired 5 inch shoulder-dusting beauties.

Skosh bracelet

Skosh bracelet: just a wee skosh of a crystal on a silver bangle. Wear it crystal side up, or tag side up depending on your mood.

Spring Earrings

Spring earrings: mesmerizing silver swirls in silver subtlety.

Tassel necklace

Tassel necklace: vintage inspired antiqued silver tassel. Ahhhh, long and swingy!

Tag Earrings

Tag earrings: wear the icon of the Twisted fan, named and tagged!

DreamCatcher Bracelet

DreamCatcher bracelet: catch dreams… and attention … with a brassy statement worn showcase style on top the wrist.

New Funky Bracelet

New Funky bracelet: a new upgrade on a classic Twisted design, destined to keep you in funkiness.

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings: delicate vintage movement keeps ears interesting, brassy Twisted style.


New Arrival: Hipster

When you want elegance that’s just enough counter-culture to turn heads, you want Hipster. Deliciously light, antiqued and brassy, Hipster seems to melt right into your skin.  Hipster necklace and bracelet are both available now.

Twisted Silver's Hipster necklace

Twisted Silver's Hipster bracelet


New Arrival: Epic Necklace and Earrings

Twisted fans adore Epic bracelet on an epic scale.  So to push the gleeful obsession to the next level, designer Debra Mitchell gives you the Epic necklace and earrings.  A carefully collected epic trilogy in ornate and antiqued brass, each telling a different story: a little old time western, a little steampunk, a little futuristic.

Twisted Silver's Epic necklace

Twisted Silver's Epic earrings


New Arrival: Wilma

The new Wilma XL bracelet has arrived in a go-big-or-go-home kinda way.  Go bold with extra large cotton pods for an XL style statement.  And Wilma brought friends: the Wilma earrings and necklace.  Try double-wrapping the necklace for scrumptious vintage goodness.  See the Wilma collection in action here.

Twisted Silver's Wilma XL bracelet

Twisted Silver's Wilma earrings

Twisted Silver's Wilma necklace

Twisted Silver's Wilma necklace worn double-wrapped


New Arrival: Kilter Designs

New Arrival: KILTER necklace, bracelet and earrings.  Chunky funky and just off-kilter enough to be curious in scrumptious rosy brass.  Gotta get ’em for spring and beyond!

Style Tips: Double-wrap the necklace as a bracelet.  Connect the necklace and the bracelet for an extra-kiltered long necklace. Stack the double-wrapped necklace with the bracelet.

Twisted Silver's KILTER necklace

Twisted Silver's KILTER bracelet

Twisted Silver's KILTER earrings