Twisted Silver Giving Back and Wowing Celebs at Emmy Style Lounge

Primetime Emmy nominee, Mare Winningham, in Twisted Silver’s MUM earrings

Emmy Nominees Mare Winningham, Dot Jones, Jason Ritter, Ben Feldman along with Carolyn Hennessy, Lisa Raye McCoy, Victoria Rowell, Jamar Rogers, RJ Mitte and more were wowed by Twisted Silver – the California based jewelry line by designer Debra Mitchell – at Doris Bergman’s Primetime Emmy Style Lounge Wednesday in a coordinated effort to help foster children. 

Hollywood, CA — 9/19/12

Twisted Silver – the California based trend-setting jewelry line by Debra Mitchell — once again wowed celebrities at Doris Bergman’s Primetime Emmy Style Lounge last Wednesday at the beautiful Tuscan country villa Café La Boheme in Hollywood.  The event benefited Wednesday’s Child’ a charity that helps foster kids find homes.

Primetime Emmy Nominees Mare Winningham, Dot Jones, Jason Ritter, Ben Feldman along with Carolyn Hennessy, Lisa Raye McCoy, Victoria Rowell, Jamar Rogers, RJ Mitte celebrated the upcoming awards and enjoyed the styling attention of designer Debra Mitchell at this highly anticipated invitation-only event.

Celebrities clustered around Mitchell at the Twisted Silver table, eager to glimpse, touch and feel the latest addictive and delightfully unconventional mixed raw metal designs.

Mare Winningham, Emmy nominee for her role as Kevin Costner’s costarin History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys, fell mad for the Mum earrings and said,

“Right now, I’m feeling stunned! You know when you find that PERFECT pair of jeans and you never want to take them off? Twisted Silver’s a bit like that!” 

Dot Jones, Emmy nominee for her role as Coach Beiste on FOX’s Glee, spent time chatting with Mitchell.  She said of all Twisted Silver’s jewelry, “I really DIG this!”

Carolyn Hennesy, vampire Rosalyn Harris on HBO’s True Blood, was wearing Twisted Silver’s HorseBit Belt, made a bee line for the Twisted table, gushing, “Oh, I am in HEAVEN!”

Lisa Raye McCoy (who arrived wearing Twisted Silver’s Gypsy earrings) and Victoria Rowell from VH1’s Single Ladies, were obsessed with the jewelry and expressed that they “love and want it all”

Even the guys found themselves pulled in by the magnetic effect of Twisted Silver, when Mitchell previewed a “guys” ID bracelet to be launched to the public soon.

Jamar Rogers, semi-finalist on the Emmy Nominated season of The Voice, Ben Feldman, Emmy nominee for his role on AMC’s Mad Men, Jason Ritter, Emmy nominee for his role on NBC’s Parenthood, and RJ Mitte from Emmy nominated hit series Breaking Bad all left wearing their Twisted bracelets.

The jewel in the midst of all the Emmy celebrations was the solid undercurrent of giving back to this year’s charitable focus, ‘Wednesday’s Child’, a weekly segment airing on KTTV FOX 11 News, Los Angeles, that features a child in foster care who is available for adoption. Guests donated gifts for the children for a pre-holiday gift drive.  Twisted Silver donated over 200 pieces of jewelry for the girls in foster care. Debra Mitchell, a mother of three, has a tender spot in her heart for foster kids, especially older teens.  She says:

“As much fun as these events are, it is only made better by supporting a heart filled cause like Wednesdays Child.  Who’s looking out for them, preparing them for life ahead, just loving them?  It is as easy as contacting your county foster program.  With such severe cutbacks in these programs, there are so many ways we can help.  My hope is that by calling attention to this cause and donating, others might be encourage to do so as well. ” 

Debra Mitchell’s jewelry line, Twisted Silver, captures attention with mixed raw metals in perfectly imperfect and unconventionally cool designs.  Capturing a strong vintage vibe updated for spot-on trends, Twisted Silver uses reclaimed and discovered finds, upcycled for forward fashion.

Twisted Silver’s online store is at and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

VH1 Single Ladies Lisa Raye McCoy in Twisted Silver’s Wilma bracelet and Gypsy earrings.

HBO True Blood Carolyn Hennesy “in heaven” with Twisted Silver

Twisted Silver + Michelle Money = Earth Day Celebration

Michelle Money in Twisted Silver's Bar earrings, Cork Opera necklace and the soon-to-be-released Lake necklace, Rock Opera necklace and Mum bracelet.

The earth-friendly jewelry line, Twisted Silver, and Michelle Money (ABC’s Bachelor) celebrated Earth Day getting acquainted and shooting the latest fashion campaign for Twisted Silver in Salt Lake City.  Twisted Silver’s designer and founder, Debra Mitchell, knew that Michelle Money’s sense of style and care for the environment would be an ideal match for the jewelry.  If the stunning results of the photo shoot on Twisted Silver’s Facebook page  is any indication, she was more than right.  The day of sunshine and collaboration brought out the best in eco style.

Modeling for her favorite jewelry line, Twisted Silver, was made even more meaningful to Michelle after finding much in common with the designer.  Respecting the earth and creating an eclectic style are themes that run strongly in the lives of both women, and collaborating together for a photo shoot to commemorate Earth Day couldn’t have been more natural.

Twisted Silver is a jewelry line that is singularly known for fashion forward creations, crafted from vintage, recycled, re-purposed treasures.  Debra Mitchell says of her philosophy: 

 “It’s all very practical in the way that I design.  I hate waste, pollution, clutter.  I think of all these things when I design.  I like to be precise, so my work reflects how I feel about the earth.  I love taking something that’s been cast aside and breathing new life into it.  It’s just how I am.”

Reclaimed watch faces, vintage bias tape, forgotten glass pearls from the 1950’s are just a few of the surprises that Debra has created into her “green friendly” popular jewelry.

It’s no surprise that Michelle Money, a strong advocate for living a green lifestyle, found her groove with Twisted Silver. She says:

“My biggest thing is recycling. I’m always aware of the impact that things have on the earth.  Bringing my own reusable grocery bags, reusing water bottles instead of more plastic ones, choosing products that have the least amount of packaging are all things I’m hyper aware of.  I like showing respect and being more conscious about what we are doing to our earth.  As a mother I think about it even more, wondering what kind of world we’re going to leave for our kids.  I think it’s important be aware of what we do.” 

Michelle Money in Twisted Silver's New Attitude necklace, Creekwalk necklace, Capture necklace, Brick bangle and 7 bangle.

The simpatico between Debra Mitchell and Michelle Money runs beyond their panache for everything eco-chic.  The two share the artistic spirit of blending and layering jewelry, eclectically mixing and matching.  Michelle and Debra both are drawn to effortless beauty, a style that is not over-calculated but rather letting it be who you are.

Michelle reports that everything she owns connects so easily with every single Twisted Silver piece.  Layering multiple pieces — dripping in Twisted Silver — is a look she can’t get enough of.  She says, “I’ve never had the opportunity to have a whole line of jewelry that I can artistically just mix and match and layer, and it all looks beautiful.  Twisted Silver IS my style.”

Michelle is Debra’s style too.  She said, “Michelle’s such a genuinely kind-hearted person.  It’s a real pleasure to work with someone beautiful on the inside and outside.”

The photos were taken by Twisted Silver’s lead photographer, Jefra Starr Linn, in her studio outside Salt Lake City, UT.  Jefra specializes in corporate, lifestyle and portraits.  View all the photos from the shoot at Twisted Silver’s Facebook page

Debra Mitchell is a Utah native now living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Twisted Silver jewelry is fashion forward uber hip creations in base metal, often asymmetrical, tag-and-clasp-in-front and one-of-a-kind. Trend-leading image-creating style-defining and eco-chic – and habit forming.  Twisted Silver is available at boutiques nation-wide and online at

Michelle Money is best known as a contestant on season 15 of ABC’s The Bachelor and season 2 of Bachelor Pad.  She also has a hit YouTube channel, The Michelle Money and Laura Show  , where she offers beauty and fashion secrets.  Follow Michelle Money on Twitter @MoneyMichelle

Discover more of Jefra Starr Linn’s photography here.

Jane By Design Gets Twisted

Meagan Tandy — Lulu Pope on ABC Family’s hit series Jane By Design — was photographed wearing Twisted Silver’s Capture necklace at the “She Wants Me” Premiere in Beverly Hills.

Meagan met Twisted Silver’s designer, Debra Mitchell, and fell crazy mad for the jewelry line.  Meagan said “I love every single piece!  EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE.” and that she can’t wait to wear more.

Jane By Design is a light-hearted drama about Jane, a teenager who lands a job at Donovan Decker, a hip fashion house, when they mistake her for an adult. Jane soon finds herself juggling life both as a regular high school student and as an assistant to a high powered executive in the cutthroat world of fashion… all while trying to keep her true identity a secret.

Meagan Tandy portrays Lulu Pope, the most popular girl in school and Jane’s nemesis.

Jane By Design will be back with ALL NEW episodes on June 5 at 9/8c on ABC Family.

Get Meagan’s Capture necklace:

Twisted Silver at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night

Twisted Silver had the honor of being in being included in the Jewels and Pinstripes gift bag, created exclusively for the VIP Attendees at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night, the 18th annual gala fundraising event for Parkinson’s disease that was held on Saturday in Pheonix.  The event raised $9.1 million Saturday for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at St. Joseph’s Barrow Neurological Institute, as well as other charities.

Debra Mitchell, founder and designer of Twisted Silver, said:

“Any time I’m invited by Jewels and Pinstripes, I know it’s going to be a top-notch event.  The best part was that this event was contributing to such noble cause.”

Attendees such as Reba McEntire, Miley Cyrus, Bo Derek, Martina McBride and Rita Wilson to name a few took home Twisted Silver’s XO choker, Lithe Long brass earrings and a gift certificate.


VH1’s Single Ladies LisaRaye Got Twisted

LisaRaye McCoy (Keisha Greene on VH1’s Single Ladies) was spotted looking stunning on the set wearing Twisted Silver’s Motif earrings and Stage bracelet.

LisaRaye was introduced to Twisted through her stylist, Okera Banks, one of Hollywood’s leading stylists and costume designers.  With clients that include Garcelle Beauvais, Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, Robin Givens as well as the cast of Single Ladies, Okera is a Twisted Silver believer through-and-through.

She told Twisted Silver designer, Debra Mitchell, that she’s been looking for a jewelry line that defines her and her career.  She believes that Twisted is IT and said:

 “Twisted Silver is a breath of fresh air!  I truly love every piece.”

Watch for Twisted Silver on episodes #5 and #6 when season two of Single Ladies returns to VH1 in May.

Mary Birdsong Serves Up Twisted Silver

Mary Birdsong (George Clooney’s co-star in the Academy Award Winning film, The Descendants) met Twisted Silver’s designer, Debra Mitchell, just before Oscar night.  Her vintage vibe is a natural fit for Twisted, so it was no surprise to see her response to it.  “Wow, what amazing stuff… Twisted Silver is distinctive, feminine, AND strong.”

She fell hard for Wilma bracelet, and when Debra asked her for a picture on Oscar Eve,  Mary graciously whipped up this fun photo shoot as a personal thank-you.  Mary may not know how to cook, but she does know how to serve up her vintage style… with a side of humor!

Watch for Mary as one of the three furies in the sequel to The Lightning Thief in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters coming to theaters in 2013.

Follow Mary Birdsong on Twitter and Like her on Facebook

True Blood’s Carolyn Hennesy Waxes Poetic Over Twisted

Carolyn Hennesy, the newest cast member to the 5th season of HBO’s True Blood and best-selling ‘tween fiction author of the Pandora series, proved to be as equally gracious as she is talented when she took the time to write Twisted Silver a thank you poem.

Carolyn and Twisted Silver’s designer, Debra Mitchell, continually cross paths and share mutual admiration — most recently at Kathy Duliakas’ 4th Annual Celebrity Oscar® Suite & Party.  Debra helped style Carolyn for her True Blood character (a Texas vampire with “hair high enough to interfere with air traffic”) and sent her a care package to take to wardrobe.

Immediately upon receiving the jewelry, Carolyn whipped up this playful bit of gratitude:

‘Twas the night before True Blood,
the promo to shoot.
The closet was empty,
not even a boot…

…that wasn’t “last season,”

and therefore not right,
to show off this vampire 
in just the right light.

I’ll go naked, I thought,
My interview matters!
The important thing, really
is a smart head that chatters.

It’s “True Blood,” I knew,
and they won’t give a heck.
But I cannot be filmed,
with bare arms and a neck!

I must set off my words
with just the right bling.
And, ironically, silver
will give the right “sting.”

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but enough Twisted Silver to last the whole year!

I’ll sparkle, I’ll sizzle!
The right tone for the show.
(I’ll try to wear EVERYTHING…
just so’s ya know!)

You shall hear me exclaim
as the scene fades to black,
“But wait! There’s more Twisted
draped down my back!”

I thank all you lovelies;
your gifts are a dream.
Merry Christmas in March!
You make my life gleam!

Debra’s reaction to the poem?

“I am floored by her graciousness!  To take the time and love to write this? Carolyn’s a dream.”

True Blood fans, watch for Carolyn Hennesy wearing Twisted in Season 5 (premiering in June) as Authority Council member Rosalyn Harris.

Pandora fans, Book 5 Pandora Gets Angry is in bookstores now.  Watch for Book 6 in June.