New Arrival: Princess Rocker Necklace

Twisted Silver’s earliest designs incorporated vintage silverware. The Princess Rocker Necklace is the 2013 updated homage to the charter design, with dazzling petite beads and a truly one-of-a-kind antique spoon handle. Feminine enough for your princess side, edgy enough for your rocker side.

Style Tip: Double-wrap it for a bracelet!

Princess Rocker necklace

Princess Rocker Necklace-1


Summer Trend: Vertical Stripes

What’s the best way to make you look long and lean?

Looks We Love:

Whether it’s your cropped skinnies or your collared button down, vertical stripes are where it’s at this summer! The perfect elongating trend to make your legs or your torso go on for MILES.

Who We Love:

ImagePhoto by Robert Mitra

Marimekko brings Summer into this trend perfectly by color blocking with bright colors!

How Twisted Silver Does It:

ImageKeep things long and lean with these TASSEL Earrings. They’re a new Spring Release, and they’re available now!

Twisted Friend Week: May 13-20

Do you have a friend who loves your Twisted style, but sadly doesn’t own one piece of Twisted Silver jewelry?

We can help.

Contact us at Elizabeth [at] twisted-silver [dot] com between May 13 and 20 with your friend’s name and shipping address and we’ll send her a free gift.* while supplies last.

No joke.

IMG_7252 copy

*  Limited to US, Canada and Mexico.  Free gift eligible only for those who are not current Twisted Silver customers.

Summer Trend: Monochromatic

The easiest, most classic way to stay chic and trendy this summer.

What We Love:

Pair it with clean lines and long silhouettes, and the elegant monochromatic look will get you through the summer flawlessly!

Who We Love:


Photo by Pasha AnatovImagePhoto by Pasha Anatov

A Detacher keeps it simple and classy, and we love that!

How Twisted Silver Does It:

Kilter necklaceKeep things simple and monochromatic with the new KILTER necklace. It will add the perfect twist to any summer outfit.

Summer Trend: High Waists

Vintage is back in trend, and we can’t tell you how much we LOVE that. What’s one of our favorite trends?

What We Love:

We are OBSESSED with all of the high waists we are seeing on the runways for this summer! Whether it be skirts, pants, shorts, or swimsuits, high waists are back and ready to knock your socks off!

Who We Love:


Photo by Robert Mitra


Photo by Robert Mitra

Mischka Badgley brings festive bright colors into her retro high waists, to add a trendy modern twist!

How Twisted Silver Does It:

Twisted Silver Wilma Earrings

Add the perfect touch of vintage to your high waisted bottoms this summer with the WILMA earrings. We’re in love!

Spring Surprise: FIFTEEN New Designs!

What a crazy wacky spring – snow storms in mid April in many parts of the country? Well, here’s a Spring Surprise to get your heart pumping happy joy:  FIFTEEN new Twisted designs are now available!  Yep, we can hear ya cheering, and we’re cheering along with you.  Shall we take a look?

Egypt Cuff

Egypt Cuff: inspired by the banks of the Nile (and named by Twisted fan Lisa O’Connor), Egypt brings ancient desert regality.

Wonderland Bracelet

Wonderland bracelet: a deliciously sweet brassy wonderland scene worn showcase style on top the wrist.

Butterfly Keychain

Butterfly Keychain: What? Twisted Silver has a keychain? Yes indeed… and a vintage antiqued silver butterfly is it.

Ice Necklace

Ice necklace: asymmetrical coolness just got frostier.

Intaglio necklace

Intaglio necklace: vintage ladylikeness with a curious antiqued brass edge.

Big Glam earrings

Big Glam earrings: Seriously. Go big or go home. These yummies are big on statement but light on the ears.

Bow earrings

Bow earrings: delightfully sweet silver rope bows for the charming ones of all ages.

Soleil Earrings

Soleil earrings: Cirque du Soleil inspired 5 inch shoulder-dusting beauties.

Skosh bracelet

Skosh bracelet: just a wee skosh of a crystal on a silver bangle. Wear it crystal side up, or tag side up depending on your mood.

Spring Earrings

Spring earrings: mesmerizing silver swirls in silver subtlety.

Tassel necklace

Tassel necklace: vintage inspired antiqued silver tassel. Ahhhh, long and swingy!

Tag Earrings

Tag earrings: wear the icon of the Twisted fan, named and tagged!

DreamCatcher Bracelet

DreamCatcher bracelet: catch dreams… and attention … with a brassy statement worn showcase style on top the wrist.

New Funky Bracelet

New Funky bracelet: a new upgrade on a classic Twisted design, destined to keep you in funkiness.

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings: delicate vintage movement keeps ears interesting, brassy Twisted style.

Proud Sponsor of Boldly Me

Alanna-in-Chair-wo-logoTwisted Silver is a proud sponsor of Boldly Me’s First Anniversary Fundraiser, Friday, April 12 in Fremont, CA.   Boldly Me helps individuals learn to love themselves, their friends, and their families after a physical trauma caused by disease, injury, medical treatments, or physical condition.

Boldly Me founder, Alanna Powell, is a survivor of Alopecia Universalis for most of her life and suffered growing up in an era where social acceptance of a physical difference was very difficult due to lack of education and awareness.  She is genuinely interested in solving this sociological problem now and for future generations.  She notes that many people still hide their physical differences so they fit into the mainstream, but she believes this constrained lifestyle is not emotionally healthy for the individual or their family.  She councils that once a person realizes that they can live BOLDLY, and love themselves, they can truly be set free and relax.

Celebrating Boldly Me’s first anniversary, an evening of delicious food and exciting entertainment at the Marriott in Fremont, CA will be held on April 12 to raise funds.  Twisted Silver’s designer, Debra Mitchell, will be in attendance and several of her jewelry designs will be auctioned.  Mitchell says:

I love what Alanna is doing with her organization, Boldly Me.  She is a prime example of a “Defining Girl” who takes her own challenges and transforms them into a force to lift up others. That’s true beauty.

Debra Mitchell

If you would like to join Twisted Silver in support of Boldly Me, tickets are available for Friday’s event.


Summer Trend: Retro Swimsuits

Spring is well on it’s way in, so let’s concentrate on it’s older sister: Summer!

What We Love:

Summer means warm weather; warm weather means beaches and pools; and beaches and pools mean new swimsuits! Time to channel your inner vintage diva, because retro swimsuits are where it’s at this summer!

Who We Love:

ImagePhoto by Thomas Iannaccone


Photo by Thomas Iannaccone

Panache does wonderful things with floral, and Lisa Marie Fernandez takes color blocking to a whole new level! And don’t get us started on the slimming cuts!

How Twisted Silver Does It:


The perfect combination of retro chic and classic simplicity, the BUBBLES bracelet is the way you tie the past into your outfit in a very trendy way.