Rock in the New Year with Taylor Dayne

Dance in 2010 with Taylor Dayne

Dance the night away and rock in 2010 with Taylor Dayne on New Year’s Eve at the historic Castro Theater in San Francisco… while your swaying to the tunes that shaped the sound of the 80’s as well as her new hit CD “Satisfied”,  check out how she’s rockin’ Twisted Silver!

Deb had the opportunity to style Taylor for her upcoming tour schedule.  Taylor was instantly drawn (no surprise) to the chunky chain designs like the Hardware necklace and Beatnik bracelet.  Going after a truly unique stage look to match Taylor’s amazing stage presence, Deb is designing some custom pieces for her.  If you’re at the Castro on Thursday ringing in the new year, keep an eye out for Twisted chains on stage.

Wanna get Taylor’s look? Connect a Beatnik bracelet to the Hardware necklace and rock the combo as a belt!

Taylor Dayne and Deb

Taylor was instantly drawn to Hardware

Connect the Beatnik with Hardware for a belt

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Look of the Week: Holiday Style with Edge

Tammy is the owner/editor of A Mom in Red High Heels, a blog dedicated to empowering moms through beauty and style, helping them with three special needs: lack of budget, lack of time and lack of sleep!

She’s put together a Holiday look with a sassy edge that earned attention for The Look of the Week.  Featuring the silver Scroll ring and the Hardware bracelet,  Tammy’s got the math right: Silver + LBD + red = one Holiday look to make Santa stagger!



TWIST Katherine Heigl’s Classic Style

From Gray’s Anatomy to her assorted big screen hits, we’ve loved Katherine Heigl for her classic style and sense of fun.  Capture her sophistication, but add a bit of funky edge.

98639_katherine-heigl-is-all-smiles-at-the-la-premiere-of-the-ugly-truth-at-the-arclight-hollywood-on-july-16-2009.jpg  293_heigl_katherine2_021908.jpg

It’s simple.  Swap out the multiple strands of pearls with multiple strands of mixed metal chain instead. 


The Chain Maille and Hardware necklaces achieve the same multi-layered simplicity that hints classic style, but with the flexibility – and rockin’ statement —  that only comes from basic metals.  Base metals warm to your natural skin tone, complimenting your other accessories.  Worn as a necklace you’ll turn up the volume of your office wear.  Double wrapped them for bracelets for a get-noticed signature style.  With either option, multiple strands of chain draw inspiration from the classic that Katherine wears so well, yet will place your look at the frontlines of cutting edge fashion.

Wear Hardware

There’s something just so, well rock star about the Hardware necklace and bracelet!  I’ve worn the bracelet a jizzillion times until I realized the Hardware necklace can be multi-wrapped to wear as a bracelet.  Oh, so much more!  Somewhere between maybe punk rock maybe urban funk, the Hardware converts to wind a quarter-way up my forearm and makes me feel SO EDGY!!  Here’s the interesting part:  it looks like it would weigh a ton, but it’s surprisingly light and warms beautifully on my skin. 

If you don’t want the volume up that high, the Hardware bracelet is a nice compromise.  But if you’re in the mood to make a high velocity statement, try wrapping the necklace.  I promise you will not go unnoticed!

Both the hardware bracelet and necklace are 50% off with coupon code “HARDWARE” Offer expires August 5th, so hurry!