Five Reasons to LOVE Brass

Brass is the smokin’ hot jewelry metal of choice, as seen by Twisted Silver’s crazy-popular Peace&Love designs.  And really, what’s not to love?  Check out these five really good reasons to LOVE brass…

1.  Brass finishes first:

          From blackened and antiqued to polished and shiny, brass is available in a wide spectrum of finishes.  All finishes warm skin tones, making brass so easy to wear.  It exudes an earthy natural feel that works with you.  Polished up to a gloss or rough and raw, brass finishes first. Check out the Stage bracelet and the Tre necklace.

stage-bracelet.jpg tre-necklace.jpg

2.  Brass is ever-changing:

          Brass is a living metal that reacts with air, water, heat and time to create GORGEOUS patinas!  Don’t even think about polishing your brass jewelry.  Your unique piece is a one-of-a-kind artwork and will be an ever-changing source of inspiration.  No two Gypsy necklaces are alike!



3.  Brass is expressive:

          Edgy or heirloom, delicate or bold, brass can accent a myriad of looks.  Add the Justice Cuff to a simple blouse to introduce a statement of strength.  Or add the Athena cuff for an interesting vintage hinting.


Justice Cuff Athena

4.  Brass is inexpensive:

          Gold is getting more and more expensive… brass is not.  Brass allows the fashion savvy to explore statement sizes and chunky chain without breaking the bank.  It’s rugged nature holds up for years where the softer gold may scratch and bend.  See the Scroll ring and the Phatty bracelet.


scroll-brass-ring.jpg  Phatty Bracelet

5.  Brass plays well with other players:

          Metal mixing is all the way in, and brass blends beautifully with other metals.  But also try blending brass with wood, leather and beading for effortless layering and stacking.




Try on a little brassy attitude this week for your own personal style!  As always, you comments are welcomed.  How do you rock BRASS?


Edge is the Essence

Twisted Silver line of jewelry is dynamic, an ever-changing exploration in unique style.  Some designs are big statements, while others sweet simplicity.  However, the common thread that flows through the very essence of Twisted Silver is the EDGE.

The number one best-selling edgy design are the Beatnik pieces.  Unapologetically antiqued, asymmetrical, tag-in-the-front and chunky, the Beatnik – both the necklace and bracelet — has become a signature look for Twisted and a classic wear-everywhere staple for fans across the globe.


Another edgy fan fave are the Octagon Chain earrings.  A big statement softened with delicate chain, these are the earrings that can take you from day to night effortlessly and are a “accessory staple” to define a distinctive look.   


 How have you worked an edgy vibe into your personal style?

Metallic Twist on the Cocktail Ring

 angelina-jolie-oscars-2009.jpg  kelly-carlson-chanel-cocktail-ring.jpg


Cocktail rings define glamorous.  Stunning, eye-catching and all over Hollywood, the bigger and better is where it’s at.  HOWEVER, If you’re not planning to be on the red carpet anytime soon, Twist the trend with mixed metals and rock statement rings to punch up any look… day or night.


 punch-kayla-small-file.jpg scroll-kayla-small-file.jpg


Don’t be afraid to try BIG AND BOLD rings!  Contrary to popular thought, big rings create contrast to small hands, and large designs can slenderize large fingers, and give proportion to large hands.  Create interest and define your own personal style.

vibe-ring.jpg  life-ring.jpg

Try the Life ring this week for 30% off.  Or stock up on stackable bling rings on the Twisted Outlet page!


Break out of the small-ring comfort zone.  Try bigger and bolder.  Multiple statement rings on one hand, try a power ring like Large Knot and put it together with Swiss Army.   Don’t forget your thumb- they look fabulous decked out in a wide band ring, and don’t give up on those small rings just yet.   Stacking small layered with small on a single finger- and Wow, you have a statement!   

So, how are YOU putting your own TWIST on the cocktail ring?


Celebs Go to Great Lengths

Long necklaces are the IT look for summer.  Perfect with v-neck or tailored tops and dresses, lengths of chain lean the torso and create an easy off-the-cuff style.  Check out how the celebs go to great lengths:


Mena Suvari was spotted last week taking a break from filming You May Not Kiss the Bride, rockin long-and-lean chain and stacked bracelets.   


Sarah Jessica Parker rocked the layered long-and-lean with Matthew Broderick Saturday at the ACRIAS Annual Hamptons Benefit in New York. 



Katherine Heigl was spotted in L.A this weekend sporting subtle long chains to offset her fedora.


Get the look with Twisted Silver’s XO Opera, Patchwork Opera, or connect TWO Instinct Chic necklaces together!  How will you rock it long and lean??


 xoopera.jpg  new-chic-brass.jpg


Punch Up Your Style

Talk with your hands!  Layer up those fingers and punch up your style this week with stacked rings.  


Stacked Ring How To

Start with any basic band (pictured: Bandwidth). Then add on rings with a little attitude (pictured: Coil and Crystal Bling) And that’s how it’s done! 

Pull from your own collection to create a signature sensation.  Easy and effortless style-makers, multiple rings put a fresh punch to your look.

What ring combo are you rockin’?  Comment below… we want to hear how you Twist it!

Brassy Personality

Brass is Twisted Silver’s non-conforming element of choice.  Brass jewelry is ever changing, taking on a personality of it’s own the more you wear it.  Bracelets worn often become smoother and shine in unpredictable patterns.  Rings and necklaces take on color over time – blacker, darker, greener, yellower —  ensuring the uniqueness of your look.   

Take a look at the Warrior necklace which features blackened brass:



Brass especially reveals personality when fire-treated as with the Gypsy necklace:  


Brass accessories play well with any other metal accents, bringing added depth to traditional silver and gold, which is why brass is the basic metal that has long-term trend staying power.  Explore stacking your brass jewelry with your most loved sentimental pieces.  


Designer Debra Mitchell says, “I just love brass, which gives a soft look, an almost heirloom vintage feel to even my most modern designs.  Its versatility lends itself to delicate looks as easily as edgy. ”   The very essence of Twisted Silver is offbeat – the use of vintage and salvaged elements, raw material designs and intrinsic parts – and the brassy personality of brass is the perfect medium. Visit Twisted Silver for a wide variety of brass jewelry.  What are your favorite brass pieces and how do you rock them?


Hoops are the period at the end of the sentence of your look.  Always classic, they will be stretch a wide range: everything from evening gowns to boyfriend shorts.  Twisted Silver has a pair of hoops for your every mood… always above and beyond the call of jewelry!


Twisted Hoops – Simple yet rocker edgy in antiqued brass or silver:




Apples Earrings – Statement sized, artistic and interesting:




Hip Hoops – Sophisticated and available in silver or gold, with black, crystal or pearl:




Wrap Hoops – Big and attention-getting, yet light weight:




Saturn Earrings – Fun and flirtatious:




What hoops speak your mood?  

Twisted Street Chic: Part II

Street Chic is just too cool for one blog post, and to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of TWO MORE XO Brass pieces (with oh so amazingly artistic downtown groove!) lets take a look at three more Twisted pieces that will rock your city style:


The Twisted Tag earrings are a simple statement of precisely how Twisted you truly are.  Antiqued and edgy in silver or brass, they rock your look anywhere.

 twisted-tag-earrings-gold.jpg  twisted-tag-earrings-silver.jpg

The Octagon Chain earrings are sized as a showcase pieces to be the finishing touch on your rock star style.



The Edge Bracelet is loaded with interest, from the hammered copper design to the paperclip inspired chain.



Tuesday’s new arrivals are the high point of street chic: the XO Brass Opera and the XO Brass Necklace.  Wear them solo, double wrap them, stack them together and the paparazzi will be compelled to snap you picture.  And as your special gift, check out the staff fave: the Chain Maille bracelet for 1/3 off this week only.   How are you going to rock your street chic this week? 

Twisted Street Chic

Street chic is your own personal and 100% original style… dead-on-point current with just enough attitude to be oh so cool.  Whether your struttin Downtown Anywhere in Converse or Manolos, boyfriend jeans or True Religion, the urban style is edgy and individual but most of all TWISTED!

As you’re slipping on your Tom Fords or your new Thriving Ink art tee, Twisted Silver puts the rock in your rock star look.  Check out these pieces that scream Street Chic and create a style that is uniquely yours:

The Attitude Bracelet is seven surprisingly lightweight aluminum chains.   Matte finish and raw, flaunt your attitude! 

Hardware Necklace is where antiqued chain meets plated chain as a necklace or as a multi-wrapped bracelet.  Your downtown cool will never been in question!

Square One Ring is so unique, brassy and statement sized to get attention.

Of course, the new XO Brass Choker and XO Brass Bracelet were born to be urban hip and have arrived today!

   xo-choker.jpg  xobrass.jpg

What does your street chic look like?  Comment below!

Sweet Solo or Stunning Stacked

Recessionistas, enrich your own personal style! Mix, match and pair your way to multiple looks all with Twisted – without spending a fortune.  The simple pieces are the foundation.  Simple pieces can create a subtle sweetness worn solo.  Paired and blended with other pieces, that same simple design takes on a whole new personality.  The good news: all Twisted Silver jewelry is designed to work together!  Take a look at these simple pieces that easily go from solo to stunning in a skinny minute:

The Chic Necklace is sweet, simple and delicate

 silver-chic.jpg  newchiclsilver.jpg


Pair the Chic with the Flower Dome Ring, Bandwidth Ring and the Sparkle Bling Ring and you go from zero to chic in a flash… without breaking the harmony of simplicity.


flower-dome-ring.jpg bandwidth.jpg sparkle-bling-ring.jpg

Do you have favorite pieces that are sweet worn solo or stunning stacked and paired?  Not only do we want your comments, but also send us pictures of your pairings at tina[at]twisted-silver[dot]com   You might be the next Twisted model!