Get the Look: Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage is the look to have.  Just take a look at America Ferrera.  She may be Ugly Betty on the hit ABC show, but she is nothing but gorgeous in her modern vintage style!



And according to next week’s Modern Vintage Chicago Fall Fashion and Jewels Explosion event:

“When Modern & Vintage fuse, look out for fireworks!  Glam. Metro to retro. Historic perspective and trend setting aesthetics, that’s the look of the moment” 

Ready to rock Modern Vintage?  Twisted does Modern Vintage like no other.   Lets explore…


Hepburn earrings take you to old Hollywood glamour in an antiqued gold-on-brass heartbeat or pay homage to the jazzy twenties with the Cotton Pod Opera earrings




Pull in the flavor of old Eastern Europe with the Old World necklace worn double-wrapped as a choker or opened up for a long-lean look.


 oldworld-3.jpg oldworld-2.jpg


Ancient Greco-Roman design never looked so chic with the statement-sized Scroll ring in either silver or brass.


scroll-silver-ring.jpg scroll-brass-ring.jpg 


How will you grab the Modern Vintage trend?

Deb Says: Rediscover CHAIN!

img_4179.jpgTrend-setter and Twisted Silver designer, Debra Mitchell says multiple strands of layered chain necklaces is a trend with staying power. Putting your own personal stamp on it is as simple as a stroll through your jewelry box – or your mom’s or bff’s – to see what’s not being worn.  Pull it out (untangle it!) and look at it with a new chic appreciation following these fashionable considerations from Deb:


For the most part, look for over-all balance.  That means wear large chain with large chain, small with small.  A stack of delicate chains can make as big of a sensation as a single big chunky piece.


Remember to mix up golds with silvers.  Find an old piece that is tarnished?  Forgo the polish and flaunt the antique patina!  Wearing both antiqued and shiny together really does work just as well as pairing shine with shine and antique with antique.  Blackened metals are smokin’ hot right now and look fabulous with shiny or antique finishes.  


Don’t forget those old pearls.  Twist them together with chain, or wear them long and lean along with a substantial chain.  The glamorous-yet-edgy look will turn heads!


Remember how big Native American Liquid Silver strands were in the 80’s?  Dust them off, because these look great anyway you mix them up. Delicate chain or hefty, these strands have multiple personality!  Check eBay if Mom won’t part with hers.



Get more than one look out of your chains.  Use your hefty long chain or multi-connected chains strands as BELTS.  A chain belt can go miles to update your wardrobe!  Take your favorite chain necklace and wrap it for a layered choker.   Transform your chokers into multi-wrapped bracelets.


Chain is uber chic and oh so current.  You can take it to a rocker/edgy place or a sweet delicate look.  How will you redisover chain?

Metallic Twist on the Cocktail Ring

 angelina-jolie-oscars-2009.jpg  kelly-carlson-chanel-cocktail-ring.jpg


Cocktail rings define glamorous.  Stunning, eye-catching and all over Hollywood, the bigger and better is where it’s at.  HOWEVER, If you’re not planning to be on the red carpet anytime soon, Twist the trend with mixed metals and rock statement rings to punch up any look… day or night.


 punch-kayla-small-file.jpg scroll-kayla-small-file.jpg


Don’t be afraid to try BIG AND BOLD rings!  Contrary to popular thought, big rings create contrast to small hands, and large designs can slenderize large fingers, and give proportion to large hands.  Create interest and define your own personal style.

vibe-ring.jpg  life-ring.jpg

Try the Life ring this week for 30% off.  Or stock up on stackable bling rings on the Twisted Outlet page!


Break out of the small-ring comfort zone.  Try bigger and bolder.  Multiple statement rings on one hand, try a power ring like Large Knot and put it together with Swiss Army.   Don’t forget your thumb- they look fabulous decked out in a wide band ring, and don’t give up on those small rings just yet.   Stacking small layered with small on a single finger- and Wow, you have a statement!   

So, how are YOU putting your own TWIST on the cocktail ring?


Celebs Go to Great Lengths

Long necklaces are the IT look for summer.  Perfect with v-neck or tailored tops and dresses, lengths of chain lean the torso and create an easy off-the-cuff style.  Check out how the celebs go to great lengths:


Mena Suvari was spotted last week taking a break from filming You May Not Kiss the Bride, rockin long-and-lean chain and stacked bracelets.   


Sarah Jessica Parker rocked the layered long-and-lean with Matthew Broderick Saturday at the ACRIAS Annual Hamptons Benefit in New York. 



Katherine Heigl was spotted in L.A this weekend sporting subtle long chains to offset her fedora.


Get the look with Twisted Silver’s XO Opera, Patchwork Opera, or connect TWO Instinct Chic necklaces together!  How will you rock it long and lean??


 xoopera.jpg  new-chic-brass.jpg


Eva Mendes in Bangles

98561_eva-mendes-attends-a-photocall-during-the-2009-giffoni-experience-near-salerno-italy-on-july-17-2009-in-giffoni-vallepiana.jpg eva-mendes-relaxes-abroad-in-portofino-italy-on-july-18-2009.jpg 


Eva Mendes was cool and classy this weekend in Italy with multiple stacked bangles.


Get Eva’s Portofino summer look with the Tangle Bangle, 7 Bracelet and Whisper bangles.  Don’t be shy about mixing metals and loading up both wrists to create your warm-weather style.






High Impact Layers Hit Hollywood

Twisted Silver called it: High Impact Layers are so the summer trend.  Take classic jeans and t-shirt or your LBD to an eclectic rockin level with multiple layers of necklaces.  Easy, creative, current. 


Check out where the celebs are taking the trend… 

 sarah-jessica-parker-layered-necklace.jpg  2009-06-fn-layering-trend-necklace2.jpg

Sarah Jessica Parker took the layering trend to glamorous levels, contrasting beads, stones, gold, silver of all shapes and sizes.  Sandra Bullock achieved a pirate’s treasure vibe with a tangled layer of pearls, chain and shells at the premiere of her new movie, The Proposal.

cameron-diaz-marie-claire-july-2009.jpg  michelle-pfeiffer-instyle-july-2009-cover_0_0_0×0_400×474.jpg

Cameron Diaz rocks her layered metallic neckwear in a lazy easy style on the cover of the July Marie Claire and Michelle Pfeiffer layers a statement of summery beads on the cover of InStyle.

So how are you Twistin’ it?  Comment about your latest neck drama looked like…

Trend Watch: Eclectic Metal Mix


Remember the days when you grandmother told you to always choose silver OR gold accessories?  Sorry, Grandma, but “matchy-matchy” is so officially out. Take it from your Twisted Trendsetters: Eclectic metal mix is in!


Unrefined metals like copper and brass naturally play off of each other so well.  You’ll find them in a full range of colors from high shiny yellows to deeper reds and oranges.  Wear them often and watch their beautiful patinas evolve into their own unique personalities.

Watch for unpolished silver with antiqued finishes that create an edgy vibe.  Pull your high sheen silver chains from your jewelry box and layer them with some matte silver and brass favorites for a distinctive contrast.     

Of course, nothing says eclectic like charms and trinkets.  Clip on funky finds, or let Twisted do the mix for you with the Trinket necklace (longest layer shown) 

I have recently re-fallen in love with the Bubbles Necklace (shortest layer shown).  I get mad props when I wear it with the Instinct Tag in antiqued silver.  Crazy love!  How are you rockin the eclectic metal mix trend?  Comment below!

SALVAGE: Coming to Twisted Fall/Winter 2009

I snuck into the design room to catch a glimpse of the new SALVAGE line for Fall/Winter 2009.  Let’s put it this way: if you’re a LOST fan still reeling from the nail-biting-edge-of seat finale and you don’t know how you will physically live through the long wait until season 6 starts in January 2010?  Well, the wait for SALVAGE to launch in September will be downright excruciating for me now that I’ve seen what’s coming and the double-edge sword of a spoiler swung a hard and fast arc.



To the unpracticed eye, designer Deb’s worktable looks like a hodge-podge jumbled mess.  Come on, she’s an artist, so it’s required.  But as I lifted a chain here, an earring there and read scribbled notes, my pulse began to quicken at the sheer genius and my thoughts went to a covetous place.

The SALVAGE line is drawn from unique and unpredictable sources of raw materials, often the throwaway by-products from industry, recycled into ultra chic.  Eco friendly, yes.  Tired-out hippy craft fair? Uh, definitely not!

Watch for edgy industrial designs salvaged from the workbench, tack room or machine shop.  Deb has captured the art of twisting conventionally masculine items into heart-thumping designs to send you into rocker chic overdrive.  Metals pounded, fired and flattened create an edgy fierceness, tempered just enough to be almost delicate.  Almost.

Look for designs salvaged from the 70’s and Boho Glam never looked so hot and updated! These vintage designs deliver a hip and edgy twist by contrasting peace and love symbols with Victorian-inspired cut crystal all co-existing on raw and rough antiqued brass.  The designs can be easily worn by 15 year olds to 150 year old haute hippies, and the new chunky brass chain is jaw-dropping!

Relics salvaged from nobility will be a strong Twisted trendsetting look this fall and winter.  Glamorous, statement-making pieces for holiday affairs pull from ethnic sources ranging from Tibet to Spain to Elizabethan England and boast rich, deep and dark tones for an eclectic, regal vibe. 

In general, shiny plated metals are fading into the distance in place of metal-in-the-raw.  Look for steel and silver with a flat, antiqued finish.  Brass will continue to take a starring role, especially with fire-treated and blackened finishes.  Large stick-and-hoop toggle clasps as well as tiny bangles are new.  Convertible pieces are still very much a Twisted ideal, with a new STUNNING belt that converts into an even better long necklace.

I can’t WAIT to show you pictures, which should be coming by around July.

I don’t think I can sleep tonight.



Sashay into Spring with Tassels

The swinging vintage quality of tassels conjure images ranging from regal to retro and are a KEY TREND for spring and summer.


Fashion’s Side Dish called it back in November:

“Tassel n Tease – on bags, shoes and jewelry – buy a new bag/shoe or just buy a tassel and attach to your existing bag (instant upgrade!)”

tassel-sandal.jpg Daily picked up on it in February:

“Enter the tassel of 2009. It’s the quintessential accessory’s accessory–hanging from handbags, belts, shoes, and ears; draped on wrists and necks; they’re even sweetly sewed to scarf fringes. But no longer are they only made of thread, tassels of leather, suede and chain are the thing of the moment.”


Savvy Mode posted the trend a few weeks ago:

“Seeing fringes and tassels remind me of bygone eras of flappers from the roaring 20’s and the freedom loving spirits of the 60’s”


And….. Twisted Silver’s been swingin’ the tassels all year!  There are tassels for your your every look, from artistic to edgy!

The Tassel Necklace gives you a gorgeous Boho crocheted brass design ($60) and the Octagon Chain Earrings take the tassel trend to a rocker level ($40)

tassel-necklace.jpg   octagon-chain-earrings.jpg

Fan Earrings are sophisticated tassels ($50) and the Glam Earrings are old Hollywood style! ($30)

 fan-earrings.jpg  glam-earrings.jpg


Guilt Earrings have a vintage vibe ($25) and the Tassel Earrings ($30) are sweet swingy simplicity!


guilt-earrings.jpg tassel-silver-earrings.jpg


Which do you like best to sport the season’s Tassel Trend and what would you wear with it?

Brassy Personality

Brass is Twisted Silver’s non-conforming element of choice.  Brass jewelry is ever changing, taking on a personality of it’s own the more you wear it.  Bracelets worn often become smoother and shine in unpredictable patterns.  Rings and necklaces take on color over time – blacker, darker, greener, yellower —  ensuring the uniqueness of your look.   

Take a look at the Warrior necklace which features blackened brass:



Brass especially reveals personality when fire-treated as with the Gypsy necklace:  


Brass accessories play well with any other metal accents, bringing added depth to traditional silver and gold, which is why brass is the basic metal that has long-term trend staying power.  Explore stacking your brass jewelry with your most loved sentimental pieces.  


Designer Debra Mitchell says, “I just love brass, which gives a soft look, an almost heirloom vintage feel to even my most modern designs.  Its versatility lends itself to delicate looks as easily as edgy. ”   The very essence of Twisted Silver is offbeat – the use of vintage and salvaged elements, raw material designs and intrinsic parts – and the brassy personality of brass is the perfect medium. Visit Twisted Silver for a wide variety of brass jewelry.  What are your favorite brass pieces and how do you rock them?