Ashley Greene’s New Moon Style

The Twilight Saga movie NEW MOON arrives Friday to take theaters by storm, and rockin’ the fashion world in a haze of black eyeliner, velvet, lace and leather!

But when Twilight star Ashley Greene’s not all pale and gothy, her off-the-set casual style leans towards the basic with statement pieces.  Watch her dish about her laid back vibe on 60 seconds of Style: 

video credit: instyledotcom

Ashley Greene's casual and elegant off-set style

Get Ashley’s casual necklace layer with Twisted Silver’s Beatnik in antiqued silver, Warrior, Old World and Patchwork Opera and rock it like THIS to the NEW MOON opening night!:

The art of the necklace layer... Twisted Style


Brassy Personality

Brass is Twisted Silver’s non-conforming element of choice.  Brass jewelry is ever changing, taking on a personality of it’s own the more you wear it.  Bracelets worn often become smoother and shine in unpredictable patterns.  Rings and necklaces take on color over time – blacker, darker, greener, yellower —  ensuring the uniqueness of your look.   

Take a look at the Warrior necklace which features blackened brass:



Brass especially reveals personality when fire-treated as with the Gypsy necklace:  


Brass accessories play well with any other metal accents, bringing added depth to traditional silver and gold, which is why brass is the basic metal that has long-term trend staying power.  Explore stacking your brass jewelry with your most loved sentimental pieces.  


Designer Debra Mitchell says, “I just love brass, which gives a soft look, an almost heirloom vintage feel to even my most modern designs.  Its versatility lends itself to delicate looks as easily as edgy. ”   The very essence of Twisted Silver is offbeat – the use of vintage and salvaged elements, raw material designs and intrinsic parts – and the brassy personality of brass is the perfect medium. Visit Twisted Silver for a wide variety of brass jewelry.  What are your favorite brass pieces and how do you rock them?